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Testing the Unit

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Testing the Unit

All backwater valves are factory tested through our certified quality control program. If you wish to test the backwater valves, follow these instructions.

  1. Place a "Test Ball" through the cleanout plug on the body, downstream of the valve into the outlet drainage piping leading away from the valve.
  2. Inflate the test ball.
  3. Through the cleanout opening, stretch a garden hose down to the "Test Ball" and begin filling the pipe with water.
  4. Watching through the cleanout opening, you should see the gate rise intothe closed position. This means the valve is closing properly. During a sewer back surge, back pressure will increase downstream of the valve, and the gate will seat onto the valves o-ring, protecting the building from backflow.
  5. Deflate the "Test Ball" to release the water. This will allow the gate to fall back into the open position.

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