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About Us

Our Vision: 'Setting a new standard'

Mainline Backflow Products was established in 1997. The company has two separate entities serving North America. Mainline backflow Products (Can) Inc. serves the Canadian market and Mainline Backflow Products (USA) Inc. serves the USA markets. MBP works with all levels of governments in Canada and the United States in a dedicated effort to prevent flooding caused by sewer backups. Our new and innovative product designs have quickly captured the attention of code officials and the plumbing industry across North America making Mainline Backflow Products the professionals' choice for sewer protection. The 'Mainline Fullport Backwater Valve', the flagship product of the company, has brought MBP several nationally recognized awards because of its normally open gate concept. In 1997 this valve won the 'Ivan R.Leger Award' as the most innovative product for that year as voted by the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating. In 2005 Gabe Coscarella, the inventor of the valve, won the prestigious 'Manning Innovation Award' for inventing the revolutionary concept of the valve and taking it to the industry with such success.

MBP is a proud member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a Project Impact Partner in the United States. FEMA and Project Impact Partners are a team of government professionals and industry leaders committed to help build 'Disaster Free Communities' across the United States.

MBP takes an active role in code changes with all the various code bodies throughout Canada and the United States. Our goal is to mandate code legislation for new and more efficient flood prevention systems. MBP supports this goal through their efforts devoted to designing superior products for sewer backup protection. Our products promise to not only meet but to exceed all existing current code requirements across North America. Committing time and effort to new product development will ensure MBP remains a leader in sewer backflow technology.

In Canada, MBP successfully changed the National Plumbing Code of Canada through its development of the innovative 'normally open' backwater valve design. Changing this code was necessary before MBP could go to market, as previous codes restricted backwater valves to only the branches (branch line protection) of a building drain. As a result of the unique venting capabilities of the Mainline Fullport (normally open) Backwater Valve, a special change to the NPC 95 was passed in October 1998. Canadian Codes would now allow main building-drain protection, eliminating the need for backwater valves to be installed in every branch of the building drain system.

In the United States, MBP designed and implemented the unique 'Adapt-a-Valve' series of extendable backwater valves. These valves have taken the 'slab on grade' housing industry to a new level in sewer protection. Now, instead of awkward unsightly manholes or vaults in residential properties, sewer protection can be much more discrete and not as visible with the easy to service and accessible Adapt-a-Valve Backwater Valve. The patented design requires only a modest 4 inch or 6 inch sewer cap to access the working mechanisms of the valve!

The Adapt-a-Valve also allows for the pressure testing or flushing on the plumbing system with its 'Test-Eze' gate.

We welcome you to a new generation of backwater valves…. taking sewer backflow technology to extraordinary heights. Understandably, our vision statement was an easy one to establish…..'setting a new standard'….